Sabrina Brittain is an illustrator residing in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking from Tyler School of Art in 2018.

The inspiration for most of Sabrina’s work can be attributed to her personal experiences in nature, beginning in her tree-filled backyard and reaching as far as the bamboo forests of Kyoto, Japan. While in undergrad, she explored themes of beauty through a philosophical lens, using nature as her subject.

Currently, Sabrina spends her days working as a prepress specialist at a local print shop. Her nights are spent concocting a webcomic titled “The Corde” on LINE Webtoon.

And since you have read this far, you should also know that Sabrina can be won over with dark chocolate and coffee.


Artist Statement

The warm glow of a fleeting sunset, the sun rising over a snow-capped mountain, moss enveloping a decaying tree, waves crashing over rocky cliffs and smooth pebbles…

As these moments in nature unfold before my very eyes, I am left breathless and paralyzed with awe by the sensations that exist between the landscape and myself. When I tear myself away and return to reality, a feeling of emptiness remains that is only overcome when I eternalize on paper the captivating vision suspended in my memory.

Through my art, I explore the beauty that nature effortlessly presents. Humanity has continuously retained a close bond with the natural world despite our modern abodes of concrete and steel. When I recreate landscapes, I utilize the visual art medium to emphasize the aspects of nature that draw us in: its array of transient colors that move with time and its grand meteorological affairs personified as emotions.